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Gone are the days of green-bar reports delivered once a month on fork-lift trucks. Today, business reporting is more than slapping data on a piece of paper and throwing column headers and a title. It's about transforming raw historical or forward-looking data into information that provokes action and influences business decisions. It's about presenting the information in a manner that allows the user to get a 5,000 ft view, then a 500 ft view and finally the ability to review transactions at a detailed level. It's about embedding analytics that allow the user to perform what-if analyses, drill-through & drill-down actions that will lead them to additional information beyond the report including linking back to the source transaction system.

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SAP Crystal Reports is a well-established database reporting tool that offers a vast array of options for transforming raw data into the right information upon which to base decisions. We extract and format your information to generate customized reports with cutting-edge visualizations. Crystal Reports is extraordinarily flexible, providing the ability to connect to nearly any data source in nearly any language, making the design of interactive data mash-ups highly accessible. 


SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence As part of the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solution package, Web Intelligence offers self-service access – both online and offline – to data as well as intuitive informational analysis. Its streamlined interface allows spontaneous and iterative queries to be generated quickly and results to be retrieved and formatted simply. Trends and underlying causation bring a depth of insight to the decision-making process. Web Intelligence accepts data from multiple sources and provides output that runs the entire spectrum of BI from long-term trends to drilled-down specifics.


SAP Lumira empowers business users and analysts to acquire, manipulate, and visualize any data source. They can combine multiple data sets in the same view or leverage your BI platform for trust and scale. Maximize data knowledge and get most up-to-date information without help from IT. Visualize any amount of data in real time in a few simple steps. With a fluid drag and drop interface, users can quickly create stunning visualizations and discover hidden insights. Explore the possibilities of data by building storyboards and infographics with just a few clicks and become a storyteller.


SAP BusinessObjects Explorer combines the simplicity and speed of Internet search with the analytical power of business intelligence – for faster, more informed decision making. Explorer allows users to leverage intuitive, self-service data exploration with stunning visualizations, and easily share insights across the organization. It gives users autonomy to search and discover the information they need and instantly presents the big picture and allows users drill down to the details to make the right decisions. Explorer's tremendous power is a game changer in BI and seriously challenges the need for OLAP solutions which are both expensive to build and to maintain.


JasperReports' IReport is a report generating library from JasperSoft, and can be embedded into any Java application. An open source tool, it provides all of the necessary elements which allow developers to create compelling reports, including data retrieval using JDBC, and support for expressions, variables, parameters, and groups for their applications. JasperReports can accept data from multiple sources and in multiple ways. Features for this product has earned its excellent reputation are flexible report layouts, the choice of textual or graphical presentation, subreport generation, and multi-format export.


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