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Every organization has goals, examples of which could include:

> financial (revenue growth goals)

> customer satisfaction (satisfaction surveys)

> employee development

To achieve its goals, an organization implements strategies. To be a winner, an organization must be able to implement adequate processes to execute it's strategies and support related operational needs. Over time, an organization needs to monitor its processes as the organization matures and responds to market pressures. Business intelligence (BI), data warehousing and analytics can support the organization in achieving its goals by providing tools and frameworks for managing underlying critical processes. BI can empower management by converting organizational data into actionable information that enables and fosters fact-based decision-making. BI can impact an organization at all levels - from top-management down to the front-line operations workers that collectively make small decisions that ultimately impact the organization's ability to meet its goals.

Kindle Consulting provides business intelligence, data warehousing and analytics solutions to help organizations achieve their corporate goals. Kindle Consulting believes that in a BI-aware company, things don't just happen; they are driven.

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