Jaspersoft got its start when Romanian Java developer Teodor Danciu wanted to solve a problem: how does one embed reporting capability into an application? Looking first to what was already out there, Danciu found that existing software solutions either involved technical challenges when integrating with Java or were too expensive. He decided to build his own Java-based reporting engine and library. In 2001, Danciu posted his initial efforts on SourceForge, where they were enthusiastically received and refined. The next year, Italian Giulio Toffoli, a JasperReports user and member of the open source community, developed Jaspersoft iReport Designer, a visual report designer. Developers seeking easily embeddable reports immediately embraced both projects.
Today, Jaspersoft provides an extremely flexible, cost-effective and widely-deployed Business Intelligence (BI) Suite, enabling decision making through highly interactive, web-based reports, dashboards and analyses. Leveraging the commercial open source business model, Jaspersoft provides end-to-end BI capabilities at a fraction of the cost of other vendors.
The BI suite that includes JasperServer, a report server and business intelligence platform for developers and businesses; JasperAnalysis that provides Web-based online analytical processing capability to business users; JasperETL, a data integration platform for organizations; JasperStudio, a graphical report and dashboard design tool for developers and power-users; JasperReports, a Java reporting library for developers with flash-based geo-visualization and advanced charting capabilities; and JasperReports Server Professional, a reporting server for scheduling and distributing interactive reports.
Jaspersoft also offers packaged BI solutions for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and information technology applications, including Jasper4Salesforce that provides on-demand reporting for salesforce.com; Jasper for MySQL, which enables OEMs and ISVs to create, store, secure, schedule, distribute, share, drill-down, and interact with reports; and Jasper4Oracle E-Business suite that provides data integration, analytics, ad hoc drag and drop reporting, interactive reporting, and print-ready reporting for report designers and business users.

Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite Overview:

Seamlessly embeddable or standalone reporting, dashboards, and data analysis
Integrated in-memory analysis enables speed-of thought data exploration against relational or non-relational sources such as Hadoop, MongoDB, and Cassandra
Powerful expressive OLAP engine with intuitive drag-and-drop ad hoc analysis user interface
Combines data from multiple sources for reporting and analysis
Cloud- and SaaS-ready BI platform with built-in multi-tenancy
Dashboard and mashboard support combines internal and external data into a single view
Animated visualizations provides rich interactivity
100% web standard architecture simplifies UI customizations and web service integration

Highlights and Benefits of Open Source Technology

Data Agnostic Architecture: Report and analyze from relational, big data, and OLAP sources
Data Mash-Ups Support: User-shareable reports, analyses, dashboards, and mash-ups
Web Services, Java, REST, HTTP, APIs: Cost-effective customizations and seamless integrations
Data Access Metadata Layer: End-user and enterprise-ready managed data access
CSS-Driven UI Framework: Easy customization of fonts, colors, and UI layout

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