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TD WI on Bussiness Intelligence

Moving Forward with Analytics: Introducing TDWI’s New Maturity Model Assessment Tool
Analytics is hot and getting hotter. As its value becomes better understood, many organizations are looking to expand their analytics efforts. To discover new opportunities,...

From Data Discovery to Adaptive Decision Making
Modern businesses must be faster, more flexible, and more responsive than ever before. Traditional BI, focused on predefined reports and rear-view queries, will no longer...

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 19, No. 4
Download this issue and learn why revenue management is driving new big data and BI initiatives; how to formulate your company’s big data strategy; whether..

New Directions in Enterprise IT Architecture: Achieving Business Value via New Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL
Organizations today need to manage, analyze, and visualize diverse data sources such as machines, sensors, social media, Web applications, and so on. Fully leveraging granular...

The Right Architecture for Business Intelligence—The Foundation for Effective Enterprise BI
Read why the right architecture is a key factor in successful BI deployments and how the open architecture of IBM Cognos Enterprise can help reduce...

TDWI 2015 World Conference Schedule
Enabling Statistics for Everyone: Building an Easy and Sustainable Analytics Infrastructure

The real value of a decision-making environment is not in the creation of reports or simple multi-dimensional analytics. It is in the creation and use...

5 Ways SMBs Are Putting Information to Work
In many ways small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have greater opportunity when using BI. Yes, budgets and resources may be limited, but most SMBs are...

Big Data Evolution: The Big Data Platform Grows Up
The big data software ecosystem has evolved into a robust framework for developing analytics applications spanning a wide range of complexity. At the same time,...

Empowering Business Users with Analytics and Data Discovery
Demand is accelerating across organizations for better and faster access to data. Business executives, managers, and frontline users in operations want the power to move...

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