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Leave A Message To Say Happy Birthday To Data Stories!
Hi everyone, we just marked our third birthday and, coincidentally, we are also going to mark our 50th episode! It’s been such a great journey...

Data Stories #48 Vis Going Mainstream w/ Stamen’s CEO Eric Rodenbeck
Eric-Rodenbeck-blackandwhiteGreat episode here folks! We have Stamen's CEO Eric Rodenbeck on the show to...


Data Stories #47: Moritz and Enrico on Books, Data Literacy, Their Projects, Etc.
Data visualization researcher Enrico Bertini and Truth & Beauty Operator Moritz Stefaner discuss their views on data visualization, infographics, information aesthetics and related themes.

Data Stories #46 — Year 2014 Review w/ Robert Kosara and Andy Kirk
Hey yo! We have two classic guests for a classic episode: a year review with Robert Kosara and Andy Kirk. We talk about what happened...

Data Stories #45: With Nicholas Felton
Happy new year, everyone! We start 2015 with a bang, and have Nicholas Felton on the show. We talk about his personal annual reports, typography,...

Data Stories #44: w/ Tamara Munzner
Hi Folks! We have Prof. Tamara Munzner from University of British Columbia with us in this episode. Tamara is one of the most prominent figures...

Data Stories #43: IEEE VIS’14
It took us a while, but — here we go! A three part episode from IEEE VIS 2014. Thanks again to Robert Kosara for coming...

Data Stories #42 — with Santiago Ortiz
Hey folks we have some news: data stories has now for the first time a sponsor. Tableau Software will be sponsoring a number of episodes starting from...

Data Stories #41: With Lisa Strausfeld
Hi Folks! In this episode we have Lisa Strausfeld from Bloomberg with us. Lisa started doing VIS very early on and in the episode she tells...

Data Stories #40: Narrative Visualization Research w/ Jessica Hullman
Hey yo! We are back! We have a very researchy kind of episode this time. Jessica Hullman is on the show to talk about her research...

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