TD WI on agile BI

From Data Discovery to Adaptive Decision Making
Modern businesses must be faster, more flexible, and more responsive than ever before. Traditional BI, focused on predefined reports and rear-view queries, will no longer...

TDWI 2015 World Conference Schedule
What Makes a BI Platform Agile?
Agile isn't a methodology or a toolset or even a state of mind, Forrester's report argues. If anything, it's a platform play -- just...

TDWI Orlando // The Premier Education Conference for BI, DW, Big Data, and Analytics Professionals
Orlando, FL: December 7–12, 2014

Prepare For Tomorrow By Creating an Agile Data Warehouse Environment Today
Be agile in more than just your development projects or prototypes. We offer 11 tools and techniques to help you build an agile data...

Emerging Technologies and Methods for Streaming Analytics
How can you increase customer satisfaction and deliver project results faster? Laura Everson of Mayo Clinic in Rochester shares agile best practices ahead of...

Q&A: Agile Basics and Best Practices
As the value of advanced analytics becomes better-known, many companies face challenges in getting started. A primary challenge is lacking the skill set to make...

Q&A: The Four Pillars of Agility
Agile is simple but not easy, says chief systems architect Ralph Hughes. He examines the techniques and technologies that can eliminate miscommunications and wasted...

Agile Business Intelligence: Leaving the Comfort Zone
To reap the rewards of agile, you'll need to take some risks.

Q&A: Transforming Your Organization into an Agile Enterprise
Agile is a lean philosophy that's useful for more than just development. How can you maximize success when moving to an agile enterprise? ...

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Sustainable Agile BI Practice
By Mark Giesbrecht
Presented in this issue are the 10 mistakes to avoid as you take your agile BI practice to the next level.

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