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Embed horizontal bar charts in a spreadsheet table component
One of the important features that SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards lacks right now is to be able to embed charts in a table. This is a very powerful...

Setting up SAP BusinessObjects single sign-on based on WinAD logins.
Single sign-on (SSO) is an important feature that I highly recommend all organizations to setup in their SAP BusinessObjects implementations. It allows users to move...

How to Drilldown from a Chart in Design Studio
A chart component allows for visualization of data. The data is bounded to the chart by referencing a data source alias. Any component that is...

Importance of Apply to Subobject in User Security
As a user security best practice in SAP BusinessObjects, it is best to start with no access and then slowly grant access to the groups...

Setting the correct CMS name for BI Launchpad and CMC login page
In SAP Business Objects 4.0+, a properly distributed environment will have the Web application server and the Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) sitting in separate servers. By...

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards vs SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
After working with both SAP Business Objects Dashboards and SAP Design Studio, and seeing the pros/cons of each tool, I’d like to give my 2...

Getting BI Web Services to work in WEBI Richclient through https
Recently I had a client who switched from http to https; and although it seemed like a simple transition in some places, it was tricky...

Fixing Corrupt LCM Overrides
Here is a quick reference that you can use if any of your LCM overrides do not work anymore. Unfortunately LCM was not designed very..


Web Intelligence – Input Control that affects all tabs
One of the major limitations in Web Intelligence is the ability to use 1 input control to control filter selection for “All” tabs. For example,...

Creating proper WEBI BEX hierarchy prompts
In this article I’d like to present how to properly create a hierarchical selection prompt in WEBI. The most natural way to create WEBI selection...

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